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Dream Car Racing Unblocked

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About Dream Car Racing Unblocked

Have you ever though about creating your own custom car, using just your imagination and knowledge ?  In the Dream Car Racing you will have to opportunity to make your dreams come true. The idea of the game is rather simple - you are given tools to build a vehicle - wheels, engine, spare parts and so on. Using those parts you can build your car and make it look like you want. For example you can make it higher or make lowrider. You can make it smaller or look like limousine. As soon as you complete your task you must enter the race and try to beat record. The most interesting thing that I love in this game is that the game do not force you to build a car using specific template - you can do whatever you want to build a car. I remember that the first time I player the Dream Car Racing, my car was unable even to finish the race but that's Ok.  For the beginners, there is a short manual in the game where you can find out the best techniques of car building.

In Dream Car Racing there are a lot of upgrades for your spare parts that you can unlock. For example you can unlock the better engine or wheels that are more suitable for a mountain rides. Remember that there is no limit for your imagination. I hope that you will enjoy the Dream Car Racing Unblocked at school.